Let's pay more attention...with our hearts


My most recent show – Kickstand Café open mic – Arlington Center. 4.1.16:

Yes, I’ve started performing at local open mics since I’ve stopped busking back in the day circa 2015 🙂

I also formed a Rock n’ Roll band called Sindikit:


noun: syndicate; plural noun: syndicates


1. a group of persons or concerns who combine to carry out a particular transaction or project.
2. a loose association of racketeers in control of organized crime.

“D, Dan and Aryeh formed a spirited syndicate of philanthropic rock n’ roll. Heartfelt transgressors if you will :-)”

Sindikit has been rehearsing weekly but is taking a summer beach and baby hiatus and will be ready to play out by fall of 2016. Come see us and join the fun and the voice of Rock n’ Roll for change. We aim to have a rockin’ good time, enliven our fans and use our voices and our stage to repair the world one rockin’ act of kindness at a time.

Join (the Sindikit mailing list) to receive emails of upcoming monthly shows. Visit the (Sindikit facebook page) to follow, share and boost the band members’ egos 🙂

Here are some more live solo open mic songs of mine. Stay tuned for clips from Sindikit live performances: